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Take lifelong learning to a deeper level with our classes and workshops

Humanities North Dakota classes take lifelong learning to a deeper level by exploring difficult issues in civil spaces where attendees can learn and grow together through structured teaching and engaging productive dialogue.


HND works with some of the best professors, teachers, and writers to offer you high-quality classes and writing workshops. We offer multiple classes and workshops throughout the year, which topics change.

Classes are offered in-person and online. 

Past Writing Workshops

  • The Written Me with Sue Skalicky

  • Beginning Writing with Taylor Brorby

  • Writing Your Life, Writing Your Place and

  • Digging In: Advanced Multi-Genre Creative Writing with Debra Marquart

  • The Little Mo Writers Incubator Project with Debra Marquart and Tayo Basquiat

Past Classes

  • Media Literacy instructed by Robert Mejia

  • Racial Healing: From Awareness to Action instructed by Cali Anicha

  • A Republic If You Can Keep It: Plato and a World on Fire instructed by Serge Danielson-Francois and James Courage

  • We the People: The Citizen and The Constitution instructed by Chris Cavanaugh

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