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FARGO, OCT. 5 > Blast from the Past: The atomic bomb and other contested histories with Raffi Andonian

The challenges of grappling with the atomic bomb and other complex, controversial histories. Many communities have recently questioned the value of historical events and long-standing monuments. How do we consider which perspectives are appropriate, is there space for disagreement?

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October 5, 2023

7pm CT 

Avalon Events Center, Fargo ND

The story of the atomic bomb dominated this summer. "Oppenheimer" brought to the silver screen a topic and its outcomes that many continue to contemplate... Science breakthroughs, politics, tragedy, an end to WWII, death, ethics, medical advancements for cancer treatment, space travel, energy production. How do we approach such a heavy topic?

Enter Raffi Andonian, a TV show host and expert in American history who guides audiences through critical dialogue. His work offers a fresh perspective on the challenges of grappling with complex and controversial histories, including the atomic bomb.

Event is part of the Marilyn Hudson Brave Conversation project.


Raffi Andonian is TV's "Celebrity Historian" frequently on ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC stations throughout the country, including an Emmy-winning appearance. He is the author of 3 history books and has taught courses on history and memory for Humanities North Dakota. He is the producer and host of Clio The Muse on AppleTV, and he has spoken at Oxford, Cambridge, London Stock Exchange, and several humanities councils across the country. Raffi holds 3 master's degrees and began his career as a guide at the Gettysburg battlefield, MLK home, and the birthplace of the atomic bomb in Los Alamos NM. Today he leads "Harmonize Your Workforce" that engages employees to bring people's differences together to improve human understanding of each other and develop skills to enhance decision-making by considering multiple angles.


Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this Brave Conversation do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities or Humanities North Dakota. However, in an increasingly polarized world, we at Humanities North Dakota believe that being open-minded is necessary to thinking critically and rationally. Therefore, our programs and classes reflect our own open-mindedness in the inquiry, seeking, and acquiring of scholars to speak at our events and teach classes for our Public University. To that end, we encourage our participants to join us in stepping outside our comfort zones and considering other perspectives and ideas by being open-minded while attending HND events featuring scholars who hold a variety of opinions, some being opposite of our own held beliefs.

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