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Member-Appreciation Murder Mystery Event!

The Mesa Murder Mysteries offers a killer combination of comedy, sleuthing, and theatre. Join us for an entertaining afternoon solving this online whodunit!

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Open to HND Members

Online and FREE

December 11th, 4:00pm CST

The Mesa Murder Mysteries offers a killer combination of comedy, sleuthing, and theatre. Join us for an entertaining afternoon solving this online whodunit! 


Phillip Bagga got dragged into acting as a teen in a church drama troupe. Forty years later, he has added Ren. Fairs, The Poe Project and of course, Mesa Murder Mysteries, to his acting resume and dragged his wife and daughters across the boards as well.

Amanda Blalock has been involved with Mesa Murder Mystery since 2016. “I seem to keep finding myself cast as a lovable kleptomaniac, but the most fun I’ve had performing a role was as a rather dim-witted fan girl, ruled by her mother’s schemes, and gradually getting gangrene from a cheap glass engagement ring. ‘Oh boy, Mama’s gonna be mad now!’”

Ginger Blanchat’s involvement with Mesa Murder Mystery began in 1998. Her all-time favorite role was a saloon girl in Molly Brown. “It was my first time on stage and I realized I had met my ‘tribe’. Home at last in a corset, boots and bloomers.”

Christopher Dion started with Mesa Murder Mysteries in June 2021 playing Commander Art. “They asked me to come back so I must have done something right. I enjoy the group and the dedication each member gives.”

Dr. Shalona McFarland has been in theater since she was 3 and with MMM for 6 years.  “My favorite role ever was the Witch in Into The Woods. I got to rule the stage and my little world on it. Stand back and give me room. I'm about to take over.”

Michael Hardesty has been involved with MMM from the very first show. His favorite role was “my very first one, Rehearsal for Murder, where I played a Broadway actor/murder suspect.” Hardesty also portrays Harry Houdini, William Moyer and Bob Hope on the Chautauqua circuit.

Kathy Applebee, the founder of Mesa Murder Mystery, started writing scripts and directing to make sure she got a part she liked. Plus, if the cops ever confiscate her computer, she has a legitimate reason for Googling “100 ways to kill annoying people.” She portrays Nellie Blye, Zelda Fitzgerald, Nancy Blaine, Annette Kellermann and Fanny Kemble whenever she can.


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