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OCT 24 ONE BOOK, ONE ND featuring C.J. Wynn


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C.J. Wynn How can one commit the ultimate act of violence to someone they once claimed to love? When does murder become the only answer to unresolved disagreements and marital disputes? When does love turn to hate? It is the answers to questions like these that C.J. Wynn seeks to find during her research, interviews and writing. With empathy and passion, C.J. seeks to bring the reader directly into the atmosphere, making you feel like you are smackdab in the middle as events are unfolding. Through rich storytelling that brings into focus details that may have otherwise been overlooked, and providing analytical insight into the behavioral components of each crime she researches, C.J. Wynn leverages her psychology background to deliver a thorough, complex scope into the depths of these stories.

Wilder Intentions: Love, Lies, and Murder in North Dakota

On a November morning in 2015, Christopher Jackson waited for his fiancée, Angila Wilder, to pick him up from work as she always did. But this time, she didn't show--and Christopher's calls went unanswered. The police found what looked like a scene from a horror movie at their home. The backdoor kicked in. A bedroom splattered with blood. And a pregnant young woman violently stabbed to death.

Could Christopher have murdered the woman he claimed to love? Or was the crime done by an intruder Angila had feared for weeks? Angila's womanizing ex-husband, Richie Wilder, Jr., aimed detectives straight toward Christopher. The evidence, however, pointed squarely at Richie.

Kindergarten teacher Cynthia Wilder thought her dreams had come true when she married Richie. But while her husband sat behind bars, Cynthia grew lonely. When she shared some disturbing details with a former lover, Cynthia finally revealed the truth behind the sinister plot to kill Angila Wilder. After four years of lies and deceit, the real story would shock a community to its very core ...

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