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SEPT 26 ONE BOOK, ONE ND featuring Melanie Carvell

Running with the Antelope inspires readers to renew their commitment to wellness and self care.

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Melanie Carvell Melanie Carvell is an inspirational speaker whose compelling  presentations energize her audience with practical solutions,  humor, and storytelling. She is a six-time All-American  triathlete, a physical therapist, certified Worksite Wellness  consultant, and author of Running with the Antelope; Lessons  of Life, Fitness and Grit on the Northern Plains. Melanie was  named Sanford Health’s “Manager of the Year” in 2016 and  just recently named one of the state’s “Leading Ladies” by the  North Dakota Women’s Center for Technology and Business.

Running With The Antelope Melanie Carvell is a gifted athlete who grew up in a small town in southwestern North Dakota in the 1970s. This beautiful memoir tells the story of Melanie’s remarkable journey, from the agricultural village of Mott (population 732) to world duathlon and triathlon competitions, then a splendid career as a physical therapist, director of the Sanford Women’s Health Center in Bismarck, North Dakota, and a widely sought-after motivational speaker. Melanie learned to run on the northern Great Plains where the winters are long and harsh and the wind tests the human spirit. She attributes her national and international success to her agrarian roots and the challenge of biking, running, and swimming in one of the most formidable landscapes of America. Her motivational philosophy is, “If I can do these things, given the modesty of my upbringing and the harshness of the Dakota climate, so can you.” Running with the Antelope inspire readers to begin a program of athletic training, weight loss, or general self-improvement. Written in a humble and accessible style, with loving anecdotes about her life as a top athlete and her work as a physical therapist, Running with the Antelope is part self-help book, part prairie memoir, and part song of love to North Dakota, which is undergoing a rapid transformation from its agrarian past to a carbon extraction industrial future.

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