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Give the gift of lifelong learning!

We thank you for choosing to support our programming. A donation of any amount will gift a one-year of membership to a person(s) of your choice. 

To gift a membership, follow these two easy steps:

Step 1
In the
GREEN donation form below, please provide YOUR information.

Thank you, your donation was received!

Please scroll down to continue with Step 2 and then click Submit

Step 2
ill out the RED form below with the contact information for the person(s) to whom you are GIFTING a Humanities North Dakota membership.

I'm gifting a membership to:

Membership Benefits

Humanities ND

Receive all 4 issues of our magazine every year, right to your mailbox

Early Access

You'll be the first to know and the first to sign up for our classes and events

The Vault

Unlimited access to our vault of recorded events and classes

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