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Welcome to Humanities North Dakota's bi-weekly podcast, One Hndred Watt. Programming that cuts through the noise of the everyday. Our guests share their perspectives and insights from all corners of the humanities - sparking new ideas and expanding our understanding of what it means to be human.

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Dayna Del Val is no stranger to podcasting. In February, 2020, she and her husband Dr. Andrew Mazz Marry launched a multi-media series about his fall into and climb out of alcoholism and their joint journey back to a joyful marriage. From July 2020-December 2022, they produced nearly 400 episodes of a livestream and podcast called Daily Dose of Dr. Marry & DD where they openly shared their experiences (and had guests on to share theirs, too). They formally ended the livestream, but they continue to work to end the stigma, shame and isolation of addiction.

She was the President & CEO of The Arts Partnership in Fargo, ND, an umbrella arts nonprofit from July 2010-April 2023. Dayna has spent her entire life in the arts and humanities. She has a BA in Theatre from Minnesota State University, an English Ed licensure from Concordia College and a Masters of English with an emphasis in Composition from North Dakota State University.

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