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​  OCTOBER 5, 7:00PM CT  


​  Livestream option 

  OCTOBER 8, 2:00PM CT  


  Livestream not offered this day 


The story of the atomic bomb dominated this summer. "Oppenheimer" brought to the silver screen a topic and its outcomes that many continue to contemplate... Science breakthroughs, politics, tragedy, an end to WWII, death, ethics, medical advancements for cancer treatment, space travel, energy production. How do we approach such a heavy topic?


Enter Raffi Andonian, a TV show host and expert in American history who guides audiences through critical dialogue. His work offers a fresh perspective on the challenges of grappling with complex and controversial histories, including the atomic bomb.


Event is part of the Marilyn Hudson Brave Conversation project.

Bismarck event is sponsored in part by BSC Bringing Humanities to Life

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Oct. 5th Fargo:

7 - 9pm CT

Avalon Event Center

Fargo, ND

Oct. 8th Bismarck: 

2 - 4pm CT

Bismarck State College

NECE, Bavendick Statesroom

Bismarck, ND

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