Presenting a round table discussion for all teachers and students of government and civics focusing on topics presented by the We the People, The Citizen and the Constitution program. Sources are linked to provide audience opportunity for deeper study.



Chris Cavanaugh

Chris is currently a Social Studies teacher at Bismarck High School. Prior to moving to North Dakota, he taught at Plainfield High School, Plainfield, Indiana, for 28 years.

Classes Chris has taught include US Government using the “We the People…” curriculum;  AP Government; Dual Credit US History, honors US History, APUSH and Global Studies.

He has a BA in Journalism from Indiana University, Bloomington, (1984), with a minor in History.  He received the James Madison Memorial Senior Fellow in 1994. He also has a MA in History from Butler University in Indianapolis, was the Plainfield Community Teacher of the Year, 2008  Indiana Teacher of the Year Finalist, and was awarded the 2008  American Civic Educator Teaching Award in 2006 (a national award sponsored by the Center on Congress, the Center for Civic Education, and the National Education Association).In 2018, he was selected as the American Lawyers Alliance Law Related Education Teacher of the Year, and was awarded the John J. Patrick Civic Education Award.


David Richmond was a classroom teacher for 30 years in Bakersfield, CA.  He focused his teaching on US History, American Government and Economics, and European History.  For five years he was Director of California Programs for the Center for Civic Education.  He was recognized for his contribution to Civic Education by the Disney Channel in 1990-91 and by the California Council for Social Studies in 2010. In his retirement he is focusing upon the teaching of race in American history as well as Dog Rescue programs in his local community.


Tim Moore currently serves as the Deputy Director for the Study of the American Constitution at the University of Wisconsin as a documentary editor of the Documentary History of the American Constitution and the Documentary History of the Ratification of the Bill of Rights. Other responsibilities at the Center include developing outreach programming and writing curricular materials featuring primary source materials on the American Founding Period. Prior to coming to the Center, Moore was a high school teacher for thirty years. He also served as a mentor teacher in various professional development settings and as an educational consultant and presenter for organizations focusing on history and civic education.