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Become a 

Humanities ND Scholar


The Thinker.

Are you drawn to answering the question: what does it mean to be human?

The Educated.

Do you hold the education and/or experience to help broaden the scope and depth of critical thinking with willing participants?

The Teacher.

Do your efforts include helping others understand, evaluate, and communicate human experiences, values, and aspirations to improve the human condition?

The Ethical.

Do you have a desire to foster a critical concern for civic and moral responsibility in North Dakota?

The Conqueror.

Are you willing to enter into brave conversations that emphasize collaboration and critical discussion?

The Resilient.

Do you want to combat misinformation and incivility to foster a community of citizens with wisdom and vision?

Image by Keith Misner

We need your help to grow a more thoughtful and informed North Dakota.

We have many opportunities for you:

  • Think & Drink Scholar

  • Writing Workshop Scholar

  • Book/Documentary/Presentation

  • Discussions Scholar

  • GameChanger Ideas Festival main stage or breakout speaker

  • and much more!

Apply today!

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