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the who, what, when, where, why, and how of Humanities North Dakota and why your membership is so important. Keep learning, keep growing, it's making our world a better place!

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Executive Director

Brenna Gerhardt

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We are a nonprofit dedicated to helping you experience the benefits of lifelong learning

It shouldn't be frustrating or expensive to pursue a journey of lifelong learning. That's why since 1973, Humanities North Dakota has developed affordable, accessible and engaging classes and events. Every program offered centers around HND's core values: kindness, humility, good faith engagement, the free exchange of ideas, and intellectual curiosity.

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Humanities North Dakota offers a range of programs throughout the year. Classes are online, run asynchronously, and meet weekly for two to ten sessions. Events are either online or in-person.

Expand your mind, question preconceptions, and be part of a community. Through a blend of online and in-person offerings, lifelong learning with HND knows no bounds! 

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Do your part to put an end to Ignorance

Meet Willful Ignorance, better known as Iggy. He is the charming and charismatic nemesis of lifelong learning. Iggy's hobbies include ignoring facts, reveling in stereotypes, spreading misinformation, mocking intellectual pursuits and rejecting new experiences. Though his campaign of chaos is strong, lifelong learners such as yourself continue to challenge and counter the negative influence of Ignorance!

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Reap the benefits

Lifelong learning can help different aspects of life such as social, physical, emotional, and economical well-being.


But don't just take our word for it, check out some of the studies we consulted.

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