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Trygve Hammer

Trygve Hammer is a retired Marine Corps officer and a
veteran of both the Global War on Terror and K-12
classrooms in rural North Dakota. He served as an
infantry weapons platoon commander in Iraq in 2003,
taught 7-12 science at TGU Granville from 2016-2019,
and was on the front lines of hybrid in-person and on-
line teaching as a long-term substitute teacher at the
height of the pandemic. Trygve has also taught at the
college level, returning to his alma mater, the U.S. Naval
Academy, to teach leadership, strategy and tactics, and a
Marine Corps capstone course. He has written speeches
for ambassadors and admirals and is a sought-after
speaker for military-related events in the Souris River
Valley area. Trygve has three adult children living near
Navy bases on both coasts.

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