Chautauqua & Chat

Each Chautauqua & Chat webinar features a 60-minute performance by a scholar who impersonates a significant historical figure (Mark Twain, Sacagawea, Frederick Douglass). Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions of both the historical character and the scholar. This online program is always free and open to the public. 


Encountering the Natural World with

Rachel Carson, launched the Environmental movement as the author of Silent Spring

January 8th, 4pm CST

Junko Tabei, first woman to summit Mt. Everest

January 9th, 7pm CST

Mardy Murie, "Grandmother of Conservation"

January 10th, 7pm CST


Encountering the Cultural World with

Marion Woodman, a Jungian analyst 

January 15th, 4pm CST

Carl Jung, the founder of "archetypes" and the "self"

January 17th, 7pm CST


Encountering the Social World with

Walt Whitman, the father of free verse

January 29th, 4pm CST

Josiah Henson, minister who freed himself from slavery

January 30th, 7pm CST

Richard Wright, originator of the phrase "Black Power"

January 31st, 7pm CST


Encountering the World of Work with

Kasturba Gandhi, an activist and Gandhi's wife

February 5th, 4pm CST

Frances Perkins, the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet and creator of Social Security

February 6th, 7pm CST

Michael Mooney, leader of 1880's miners strike

February 7th, 7pm CST

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Sponsored in part by the State Historical Society of North Dakota and the State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation