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See Our Chautauqua Training Institute Faculty In Action

W.E.B. DuBois portrayed by Charles Pace

Chautauqua is the public platform that connects me to my more creative academic, artist and activist.                                                                           —Charles Pace

Marie Curie portrayed by Susan Marie Frontczak

Over time, my favorite part of a Chautauqua presentation is the interaction, engagement, and conversation with the audience.  The Question & Answer periods, both in and out of character, make every encounter fresh and new.                                                                            —Susan Marie Frontczak

Mark Twain portrayed by George Frein

Doing the humanities as Mark Twain, Herman Melville, Carl Jung, and half a dozen other characters has bern the most daunting and fulfilling challenge of my professional life. To stand on stage and say, for instance, “Good evening. I am Mark Twain and my topic tonight is — Humor,” concentrates my mind like nothing else and puts everything I know about the humanities on the tip of my tongue. 
                                                                           —George Frein

William Faulkner portrayed by John Dennis Anderson

Chautauqua for me is embodied scholarship. It lets me put on the personae of fascinating figures, to learn and share their place in history from the inside, and to bring their language to life.                                                    —John Dennis Anderson

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