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Philosophy & "The Color Purple"

In-person event! Join us as Dr. Dennis Cooley delves into the complex issues of race, gender, power dynamics, and spirituality that are at the heart of Alice Walker's acclaimed novel, "The Color Purple"

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Thursday, June 15th

7:00pm CT

Main Street Books, Minot

Philosophy & The Color Purple is a thought-provoking program that explores the philosophical concepts and themes in Alice Walker's acclaimed novel, The Color Purple. Dr. Dennis Cooley, a distinguished professor of philosophy at North Dakota State University, will guide the audience through an engaging discussion on the intersection of literature and philosophy, using The Color Purple as a case study.

The program will delve into the complex issues of race, gender, power dynamics, and spirituality that are at the heart of The Color Purple. Dr. Cooley will analyze how the novel grapples with these issues and how its characters navigate their social and personal struggles. He will also examine the philosophical concepts that underpin the novel,such as ethics, morality, existentialism, and the nature of God, and how they contribute to its themes and meaning.

Through this program, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of The Color Purple and its relevance to contemporary issues and debates. They will also have the opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue with Dr. Cooley and fellow attendees, fostering a stimulating intellectual exchange.

This program is open to anyone interested in literature, philosophy, or social justice issues. No prior knowledge of The Color Purple or philosophy is required. Join us for an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion on the intersections of literature and philosophy.

*Our scholars are known to get spitting-mad, spitting-exciting, and just spit in general. Treat them with the caution you would a llama and avoid sitting within spitting distance if you don’t want to get spit on. If you provoke the scholar, you suffer the consequences and will not/cannot hold HND responsible.

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