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You may have noticed

Humanities ND thinks of itself as a gym for the brain, where our classes and events serve as group fitness for your mind. But have you ever wondered what all this training is for?

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Our deeper purpose

is to win the epic battle between enlightenment and ignorance. You see, lifelong learners have a common enemy, Willful Ignorance, known to the initiated as 

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Yes, Iggy, the charming and charismatic nemesis of lifelong learning. From the moment he enters a room, his jovial presence demands attention, but behind that affable facade lies a deep-seated aversion to knowledge and intellectual growth. A lifelong learner's worst nightmare, Iggy embodies ignorance and obstinacy, making him the embodiment of an anti-intellectual force.

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often leads him to blunder through conversations, relying on off-color jokes and unfounded opinions to mask his lack of understanding. He finds satisfaction in doubling down on his misguided beliefs, even when presented with irrefutable facts and well-thought-out arguments, making him a stubborn and persistent obstacle to any meaningful exchange of ideas.

In the fight for enlightenment, the odds seem to be in Iggy’s favor.


Iggy's uniformed and oblivious nature

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However, there is hope!

With every new member who joins our ranks, our collective knowledge and determination grow stronger. Each time you attend one of our classes, engage in a thought-provoking discussion, or participate in our community events, you contribute to the force that pushes back against Willful Ignorance.


Together, we can dispel the darkness of Ignorance. Here's a video to "clue" you in on what we mean.




By nurturing an informed and curious mind, you become a beacon of light, illuminating the path towards a more enlightened society.


Do your part to end Ignorance!

Donate to become a member of Humanities North Dakota and support lifelong learning.

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