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It's easy to find a gym to keep your body healthy, but what about your brain? At Humanities North Dakota we create classes and events that are like group fitness for your mind. Join in the exercise of ideas and turn your gray matter into what matters.


of our programming is conveniently offered online

Keep learning and strengthening those mental muscles from wherever life takes you 

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Join in the exercise of ideas!

You don't have to be a member to enjoy our programs, but we hope you will consider donating to support our mission to provide affordable and accessible lifelong learning opportunities.

Rick Collin

"The humanities expand our knowledge of cultures and provide an essential understanding of what we have in common and what makes us different from others."

Jessica Ackerman

"Recently I met up with a few friends to virtually tune in to a Brave Conversations event. I look forward to registering for more virtual classes that explore diverse perspectives and promote critical thinking." 

Brad Kroupa

"I loved interacting with students who were truly interested in the topics we discussed. I had an amazing group of people who were engaged each week and contributed to powerful conversations."

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Not sure where to start?

Take our short quiz to discover your learner archetype, and which HND programs may be a great fit!

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