Our Staff

Brenna Gerhardt

Executive Director

Brenna Gerhardt joined in the exercise of ideas at Humanities ND in 2005. She drives English majors crazy with her penchant for typos, but as a Religion major, she is very good at asking for forgiveness. If you visit the HND offices, chances are you will be greeted by the sound of her braying laugh ringing down the hall.

Next Adventure: Girls' trip to Chautauqua, New York

Currently Rereading: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Kenneth Glass

Associate Director

Since May 16, 1986, Kenneth Glass has been balancing the books at Humanities ND. He is easily the funniest member of the HND staff if you count puns as funny. Known as Special K in the office, Ken is also capable of a mean polka.

Next Adventure: Trip to Las Vegas for a Wedding

Currently Reading: Radium by John Enger

Sue Skalicky

Program Coordinator

Sue’s juggling skills once landed her the best summer job she ever had and helps her day-to-day as she juggles HND programs, creating classes and events that feature today’s brightest thinkers in-person and virtually for all lifelong learners to enjoy. As an avid lifelong learner herself, Sue is writing her third book, raising her last of seven kids, and plotting out all the hiking trails she will hike when she moves to Colorado this summer. 

Next Adventure: Working remotely in Colorado!

Currently Reading: The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

Nick Glass

Fiscal Operations Assistant

Nick knows his way around a construction site and a spreadsheet, making him the handiest member of the HND staff. Joining us in late 2021, Nick's many talents continue to surprise us.

Next Adventure: Lakers Game in Los Angeles

Currently Reading: Begin Again by Eddie Glaude Jr.

Lacie Van Orman

Marketing Coordinator

Lacie has an eye for style and knows how to get her point across, that's why she's in charge of getting the word out for Humanities ND. An accomplished photographer, graphic artist, and writer, Lacie will make sure you're invited into the Humanities ND story! 

Next Adventure: Trying fennel even though she hates black licorice

Currently Reading: House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea

Iris Swedlund

Volunteer Spokesperson

A member of Humanities North Dakota for over twenty years, Iris is also our volunteer spokesperson. Known as “Red Iris” for her penchant for all things crimson, you can always pick Iris out of a crowd at a humanities event, and she hopes you say hello when you do! Iris’s love of learning started young and carried her throughher career as the Velva School and Public Library librarian.  Her motto is,“LIVE EACH DAY TO ITS ULTIMATE.”


Next Adventure: Going ND Library Association Conference in Minot!


Currently Reading: The Family Roe: An American Story by Joshua Prager