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Brenna Gerhardt

Executive Director

Brenna Gerhardt joined in the exercise of ideas at Humanities ND in 2005. She drives English majors crazy with her penchant for typos, but as a Religion major, she is very good at asking for forgiveness.

Next Adventure: Family vacation in Detroit Lakes with my husband, five kids, and mother-in-law.

Currently Reading: Begin Again by Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

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Kenneth Glass

Associate Director 

Since May 16, 1986, Kenneth Glass has been balancing the books at Humanities ND. He is easily the funniest member of the HND staff if you count puns as funny.

Next Adventure: Playing tennis in Florida

Currently Reading: The Good Hand by Michael Patrick F. Smith

Sue Skalicky

Program Coordinator

After careers in mortuary photography, journalism, teaching high school, writing, motivational speaking, and driving UBER, Sue Skalicky brought her curiosity and ambition to HND in 2018. An avid yoga​ practitioner, Sue never gets bent out of shape.

Next Adventure: Seeing grandkids in Colorado

Currently Reading: What Happened to You?by Bruce D. Perry and Oprah Winfrey

Alexandra Skalicky

Social Media & Content Creator

A recent hire to HND, Alex Skalicky makes our marketing and social media fun and engaging. Trained in mixed martial arts, Alex is also the unofficial security team for HND because you never know when a fight is going to break out over which author should be featured next in One Book One North Dakota.

Next Adventure: Training her kitten to hike in the mountains of Colorado.

Currently Reading: Yellowbird by Sierra Crane Murdoch


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Iris Swedlund

Volunteer Spokesperson

A member of Humanities North Dakota for over twenty years, Iris is also our volunteer spokesperson. Known as “Red Iris” for her penchant for all things crimson, you can always pick Iris out of a crowd at a humanities event, and she hopes you say hello when you do! Iris’s love of learning
started young and carried her through
her career as the Velva School and Public Library librarian.  Her motto is,“LIVE EACH DAY TO ITS ULTIMATE.”

Next Adventure: Turning 75 and visiting Alaska

Currently Reading: Widowish by Melissa Gould

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