Brenna Gerhardt

Executive Director

Brenna Gerhardt joined in the exercise of ideas at Humanities ND in 2005, after attending Concordia College and Harvard Divinity School. Every day she looks for new ways to motivate our members to challenge their thinking, expand their minds, and grow their curiosity. Brenna’s favorite way to pump up the gray matter in her brain is taking online classes led by Humanities ND’s instructors.


Kenneth Glass

Associate Director 

Since May 16, 1986, Kenneth Glass has been balancing on his yoga ball while balancing the books at Humanities ND. He received a bachelor's degree in accounting and business administration from Mary College. Ken is well known in the national humanities circle for his attention to detail coupled with a diverse understanding of the ever-changing needs driving contemporary humanities programming. 

Sue Skalicky

Program Coordinator

Sue Skalicky is a writer, speaker, and pursuer of abundant life. Over the past 30 years, she has worked as a medical photographer, photojournalist, leadership trainer, writer, and teacher. She has published two books, “Change For a Penny” and “The Silent Sound of Darkness.” She has lived one adventure after another with her husband Dave for the past 34 years, fumbled through parenting seven of the best kids in the world, and seeks to get away with as much as possible with her nine grandkids. Sue is passionate about teaching and inspiring adults and youth worldwide.

Alexandra Skalicky

Social Media & Content Creator

Alex Skalicky has her Business Administration degree from Bismarck State College. She is passionate about countless topics. One could easily call her a free spirit. She prefers to be outdoors, traveling, camping, and hanging out with her favorite people. She is always striving to be better than she was yesterday by investing in lifelong learning and continuing her education in any way possible. As the middle of seven children she values conversation, community, and lots of coffee. 

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