Brenna Gerhardt

Executive Director

Brenna Gerhardt Executive Director Brenna Gerhardt is a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. She received a master's degree in Theological Studies from Harvard. A native of Center, North Dakota, she now lives in Bismarck with her husband, Tom Gerhardt.  She has three stepchildren, and a son and daughter.  Brenna enjoys reading and talking about great literature, learning something new every day, cooking and sharing meals with friends new and old, discovering new things about familiar places and exploring completely new ones.


Kenneth Glass

Associate Director 

Since May 16, 1986, Kenneth Glass has administered the finances of the HND. He received a bachelor's degree in accounting and business administration from Mary College in 1982. After college, he spent two years working for the ND Tax Department as a corporate income tax auditor before accepting a position with the council. Ken is well known in the national humanities circle for his attention to detail coupled with a diverse understanding of the ever-changing needs driving contemporary humanities programming.

Sue Skalicky

Program Coordinator

Daily, I choose to live an abundant life by loving people, reading whatever I can pick up at the local book store, and talking with everyone I meet. I love my husband of 33 years, our seven incredible kids, and our nine fun-loving grandkids. Spending time with all of them is what I enjoy most. I also love to try new craft beers, prove I can do things others say I can’t, create new things, write books, empower people, laugh until I cry, and wear my jammies as soon as the sun goes down. I’m always up for a conversation, especially when coffee is involved. And I hope to join in many new conversations in the coming year.
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