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August 30, 2020: Kelsey Timmerman - Where Am I Giving?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Kelsey Timmerman is the New York Times Bestselling author of WHERE AM I WEARING? A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People That Make Our Clothes and WHERE AM I EATING? An Adventure Through the Global Food Economy. His writing has appeared in places such as the Christian Science Monitor and has aired on NPR. Kelsey is also the cofounder of the Facing Project, which seeks to connect people through stories to strengthen community. He has spent the night in Castle Dracula in Romania, played PlayStation in Kosovo, farmed on four continents, taught an island village to play baseball in Honduras, and in another life, worked as a SCUBA instructor in Key West, Florida. Whether in print or in person he seeks to connect people around the world.

InWhere Am I Giving?, the New York Times bestselling author, embarks on an adventure that challenges himself and readers to move beyond awareness to action and to take advantage of the opportunities each of us have to make a difference. Kelsey travels to Myanmar, Kenya, India, Nepal, Zambia, and beyond to explore different ways of giving—as a worker, consumer, volunteer, philanthropist, local and global citizen—and also the benefits and effectiveness of these methods. He learns from folks such as Tibetan monks, Gandhi’s great grandson, a refugee, gang members turned peace activists, and a former Hollywood executive. Kelsey discovers how they give, and meets the people on the receiving end of their giving.

Giving isn’t just about writing a check—it’s about the way you travel, what you consume, how you spend your free time, and how you live. Featuring highlighted Giving Rules throughout the book along with Kelsey’s attempt at formulating a Good Person Equation, Where Am I Giving? will help you:

  • Understand the sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and neuroscience of giving

  • Examine types of giving, including microlending, volunteering, donating, ethical consumption, mission trips, voluntourism, child sponsorship

  • Dive into a nuanced view of the effectiveness of international aid and its intersection with development, politics, and culture

  • Identify ways you can do the most good you can with the talents, time, and resources you have​​

"Giving isn’t about the least we can do, but about the most we can give to others with the gifts we have." -Kelsey Timmerman

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