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Candidate Criteria

In general, preferred candidates will:

  1. Advocate for the Humanities North Dakota and the National Endowment for the Humanities before the general public, the state legislature, Congress, and other potential partners and funding sources. 

  2. Be able to understand and articulate how Humanities North Dakota works – its missions, plans, and needs.

  3. Be willing to devote significant time, energy, and enthusiasm to supporting Humanities North Dakota as the statewide voice for the humanities – this means a willingness to work as an active and committed board member.

  4. Help set a direction for Humanities North Dakota and oversee the implementation of Humanities North Dakota’s strategic plan.

  5. Establish and oversee policies of Humanities North Dakota.

  6. Make an appropriate financial commitment to Humanities North Dakota as a board member.

  7. Attend, promote, and support local Humanities North Dakota programs.


These criteria are offered as guidelines and indicators of the types of skills and experience needed on Humanities North Dakota's board.  We continue to seek a board with gender, ethnic, racial, and geographic diversity.

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